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Love, Colette™
6 Week Wellness Bootcamp

A Six-Week Journey That Will Forever Change Your Life!


What’s On Your Plate? 

Join Colette Brown on a six-week journey that will forever change your life. Colette provides a roadmap and action steps on how you can improve your health.  She understands that everyone has different goals: lose weight, break sugar addiction, clear up chronic skin conditions, sleep better or have more energy.  

Each session will not only be packed with useful, scientifically proven information, but action steps on how to implement these changes in your day-to-day life. Along with educational sessions there will also be cooking demonstrations that are helpful when introducing new foods into your diet.

Topics include:

  • The Microbiome

  • Sugar Addiction

  • Chronic Skin Conditions

  • Sleep 

  • Food and energy level

  • Soy and Pesticides

  • How to lose and keep weight off permanently

  • Supplements

  • Healing Recipes to feed the body and soul

Colette’s mission is to connect with and inspire you to start making shifts in your daily life that, collectively, will have a massive impact on your future.  

Now is the time to start shedding the weight, old beliefs, painful habits, and gaining a new and healthy body, mind and spirit. 

Change starts with action.  Sign up today for only $499!

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