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"Love, Colette™ - 6 Week Wellness Bootcamp" Testimonials

"My husband has always fought me on trying gluten free at a min.  (even just for me).  Our eyes are now really open to healthful alternatives vs buying processed gluten free items.  We have also been really enlightened to what we are ok without!  We will sit by the fire with bubbly water and mint and never care that it's not a mojito now. We aren't seeking true mocktails or anything like that.


I have a long way to go to keep getting to a healthy weight to be well for Amelia and to never actually find myself looking to lose the weight etc. when the time comes to conceive again.  I'd prefer to simply be healthy and when the timing is right so be it.  I didn't feel I could actually do that before this course so I am so so thankful!  Overall though as you know our health and energy levels have been wonderful."

~ L. Farrell

"After three weeks into the "What's On Your Plate" program, I noticed a change in my skin - it looked healthier. I also noticed that my sense of smell increased, most likely due to eating a non-inflammatory diet. I never felt deprived or hungry. I highly recommend this program to anyone ready to make a lifestyle change. "

~ S. Azavedo

"The program was FUN! I loved the recipes, they were easy to follow, delicious and healthy. I feel like I'm eating cleaner now that I know about good fats, and what foods are less inflammatory. Learning more about sleep and how important it is, and tips to sleep better has helped me in prioritizing it more. 


Don't wait to get healthy. If you want to live longer, just do it! Make small changes, it's not a diet it's a lifestyle! "

~ Judy

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