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You have nothing to lose and everything to lose. 

Love, Colette™ - Limitless Healing with Colette

Limitless Healing is a weekly podcast series covering stories of spontaneous healing, health topics around food as medicine, sleep, stress, fitness, toxins, natural living, that gives you actionable steps to improve your health.

I created Limitless Healing podcast through my own personal journey from 20 years of being unwell to thriving. You will hear stories of hope, healing, resilience, tenacity, joy, and perseverance.  Stories of people who were given a chronic diagnosis only to decide to turn their life upside down and segue into full remission; doctors and practitioners who help facilitate these miraculous healings along the way. 



Jay Quillen

Brilliant Topics with Actionable Tools

Love this podcast especially the NLP episode because it’s true there are only 2 things we can control and it’s freeing to release the rest & know we can reset our RAS. Liberating on so many levels when it comes to living a fulfilled life. Thank You for sharing this info.


Chef Nanny Bubby

Colette inspires me to be better

Her truth and her honesty about her own journey keeps me engaged. She develops instant trust with her audience and while fighting my own food addictions I have become addicted to learning the information she “spoons” out!! Thank you Colette for your commitment to your fellow human.


Jennifer LaGuardia

Brilliantly Enlightening!

Colette is one of those beautiful humans, being in her presence. You leave feeling elevated! Listening to Colette on this brilliantly enlightening podcast does the same! Her level of expertise, insight and knowledge she so generously shares, completely worth taking notes! But on an even deeper level. Her genuine heart and compassion for people..Is what sets her apart. She is a true healer in every sense of the word!

All Time Favorites

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